About Backroom Bingo

Backroom Bingo was launched in 2018. We're an independent, online publication for all things music, movies, TV, and culture. Focusing on primarily alternative and niche genres, we give thoughtful opinions and reviews without the fancy words. So sit back, relax, and (respectfully) disagree with us.


Meet The Team


Jimmy Doyle

Movies/TV Editor

Stuff I like: Musical theatre, Star Wars, Disneyland, curling, seeing movies in theaters, seeing movies in general


Casey Creveling


Stuff I like: Emo music, Jazzmasters, Jazzmasters playing emo music, lemon water, burritos, Spyro the Dragon


Austin Albright

Music Editor

Stuff I like: Dive bars, music made in garages, cheap beer, Philadelphia, sports, skateboarding, the sound of a bass guitar



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