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Review: Good guys, bad guys, “just guys!” BoJack Horseman’s fifth season delivers another swift punch to the gut

Season five isn’t asking you to vouch for him. Instead, it challenges the audience to consider the implications of rationalizing his behavior.

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Who Should Direct Bond 25?

There’s no time to spare, as Twitter already has their GoldenEye on who will helm the fifth (and likely final) Craig Bond film, set to start shooting in December. I’ve got a thunderball of a shortlist that the producers should find handy. Because I can’t reach them directly, I’ve decided to post this list on Backroom Bingo, but know Bond producers, this list is for your eyes only.

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10 Lost Years of "Popcorn Oscars"

People are up in arms about the Academy Awards— Hollywood’s Biggest Night— getting a little bit bigger by adding a new category this year, the “Popular Oscar.” The negative reaction from cinephiles is warranted, but the people who should really feel shafted are the filmmakers and actors of the most popular films. This article honors them. For your consideration: the last 10 “Popcorn Oscars.”

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