Track Review: Why Not is ready 4 a new sound


Our music editor, Austin, caught up with Why Not at their show in Philadelphia last week. They shared their new track, “Ready 4 the World” with us, and we’re excited to announce that it dropped today. The release marks a shift in Why Not’s sound. While the first six seconds might be reminiscent of “Radical” by It Looks Sad., listeners will soon realize Why Not is downplaying their past twinkly emo influences in favor of a poppier indie rock sound.

The track still retains the hooky arrangements fans have come to expect, making the transformation of their sound feel like a natural evolution, which shouldn’t alienate their core fanbase. The falsetto vocals to kick off verse 2 are a standout portion of the track, while Breen’s strong bass work anchors the song, making sure that no one will complain about the lack of a rhythm guitar in the trio’s lineup. The verses move and get your head nodding along, at times making me imagine that I’m listening to the lovechild of The Strokes and the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater soundtrack.

In fact, my least favorite part of the track was the seeming holdover from their earlier work. The song culminates in a pulsing, 90-second breakdown. While surely a dynamic moment live, I’m not sure it was done justice on tape. The compressed, trebly, garage rock sound that serves the first half of the song so well seems to leave a bit to be desired in the back half. Snare hits sound a bit distant, and the mix seems to lack the punch that I feel from similar climaxes.

Overall, the track is a solid addition to Why Not’s discography and signals a clear step forward for the band. Why Not is the first to admit that they’re still experimenting with their sound, and while there will still be the occasional growing pains, the good news is that most of their experiments are paying off. If “Ready 4 the World” is any indication of the direction Why Not is going with their next album, it seems safe to say that it’ll be their best release yet.

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